What does a girl pack for a short trip ?

Decisions, decisions, ……

How hard can it be right ? packing when going away for a short break should be fun and exciting, so why-o-why does it often end up like @_shelbizzle viral selfie……


The reasons are simple – making a decision, or more accurately (lack of), and not planning or organising in advance.

First, we put off packing till the last minute, big mistake! This leads to mild anxiety, and loads of stress induced non-decisions and procrastinations.

Second, lack of planning and organising as depicted in @_shelbizzle’s selfie above. Lets be honest, we’ve all been there, – Trying stuff on, Will it fit, Is it clean, Does it need an iron, I might need it, What if it rains, What if I get invited to, Does my bum look big in this, Do I look sexy in this, What if it rains, What if I meet……… etc, etc

So for all you travelling, or about to, travel girls out there, here’s the essential girls clothes check-list to consider.

 3 pairs of shoes – one comfortable walking, one dress shoe (optional), one sandals (if going to beach). Don’t forget you’ll be wearing one pair (comfortable) when travelling, so only need to pack 2.

 T-shirts/tank tops, these pack flat so pack as many colours as you might need.

2 pairs of shorts/capris

 1 pair of  jeans (only one!) with a belt if you like. Jeans are heavy and long lasting, you only need one pair and don’t pack them, wear them on the journey, perfect for airplanes.

 1 Bikini – if you have the figure, else make it a swimsuit.

 1 pair of swim goggles

 Underwear and vests – the light-weight, easy to wash kind, at least 2 pairs so you can alternate on wash days

 Sexy sundress dress (optional)

 Sun hat and light scarf (if going somewhere sunny)

 1 skirt (knee length, optional)

 1 set of night clothes (if you run out of suit-case/rucksack space, don’t bother, as you could easily sleep in knickers and T-shirt)

 1 Jacket (optional)

 1 Cardigan (optional)

 1 Hoodie (optional)

 1 pair of sun-glasses

 2 pairs of socks (optional if going somewhere hot)

 1 pair of linen trousers and blouse (optional, best colour is ivory, as goes with everything)

Stick to these guidelines girls and packing is easy and enjoyable.

The key is to be disciplined and ruthless in decision making and planning/organising.

Happy Travels !










3 Comments Add yours

  1. melissaze says:

    Cool blog, we’ve (us girls) have all been there


  2. tracytravelling says:

    Hahhaaa, clothes on the curtain track, WOW


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