Top 10 Hotel do’s and avoid!

Our top 10 list of do’s and don’ts next time you book into a Hotel.

Don’t just walk up to staff, whilst they are busy cleaning up a room or talking to some-one else and expect them to drop everything and attend to you because you think you are special and a VIP. Do show kindness, empathy sand politeness, – they too are human beings, working a tough job, probably having to deal with lots of guests walking up to them and rudely interrupting.

Don’t cut your toe-nails in the bedroom and let the clippings fly all over the place, even if you do this at home. Do show consideration for staff and the next guest(s) and avoid this disgusting habit, unless of course you’d like to be known as the slob guest.

Don’t waste towels and leaving them lying all over the bathroom floor like they are disposable items. Also don’t use hotel towels to remove makeup or other bodily paints, colouring’s or stains! Do re-cycle towels, there really is no need to get them changed daily, be Eco-friendly.

Don’t steal stuff out of the mini-bar or fridge, hotel staff know all the tricks, like carefully re-filling bottles, and re-shuffling contents. Do the right thing and pay for what you eat/drink.

Don’t order room service and answer the door scantily clad in your barely there pyjama’s. Do please, put on a dressing gown or robe, before opening the door.


Don’t leave the bathroom a mess, some guests even give up or forget to flush the toilet when they are on vacation for some weird or lazy reason. Do leave the bathroom as you’d like to find it, don’t be gross!

Don’t blame hotel staff for stealing your stuff without any evidence or proof. Guests often recover their lost items in pockets or luggage after they stop panicking and blaming. Do be calm and rational and re-trace your steps, it’s probably lying around in the room some-where.

Don’t assume its OK to checkout late when you feel like it. Do plan ahead and ask the reception team or manager for some discretion at least a couple of days in advance.

Don’t leave your luggage unattended in a hotel lobby or in your room with the door wide open. Do be careful and security conscious, it’s your stuff and if you lose it, it could ruin your holiday, so why take the risk ?

Don’t put in your room service orders late, at the last minute. On late and night shifts most hotels have minimal staff and resources, so do try and let the Room Service teams know about your order in advance, and they will  be sure to bring it to your room on time.

Don’t get angry with staff when they need to visit the room in the morning to clean it or re-stock towels or mini-bar. Do use your “Do not disturb” sign if you want to have a lie in or don’t need any room service.










One Comment Add yours

  1. Louise says:

    Yup, have to agree, put your jim-jams on before opening that door,


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