Holidays from Hell

Page reserved to share your real life experiences of Holidays from hell, Poor customer services, Flight delays, or Hotel’s that were not as expected.

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 ” Good advice comes from bad experiences “


Telegraph – Trips from hell

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  1. louisejones04 says:

    Had my backpack stolen from a Hotel room, I’ll email the details, horrendous experience, but has not put me off travelling.

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  2. Jules says:

    Ravaged by bed bugs at a so called 5 star resort, I was so badly bitten by bed bugs in the Caribbean, that I had painful rashes and bite marks for days, other guests mistakenly thought it was sunburn.


  3. jamesregs says:

    Coming across a Tarantula in a Bathroom in Oz. First saw a hairy leg slowly unfurling out of the lampshade over-head, I was outta that bog faster than an olympic runner.


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